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LenderFi.co Partners provides superior asset backed investment solutions for individuals, institutional clients, family trusts and our own syndication/development partners. We purchase properties for our own account as well as analyze our investors needs and offer them the opportunity to invest in the right real estate with the right type of returns for them to reach their investment goals. 

As opportunity investment advisors we are experts in locating assets with superior investment returns as well as helping our clients with their 1031 exchanges, acquisitions and dispositions. We offer investors the ability to invest directly into the collateral mitigating the downside risk as well as yielding higher than market rate returns with none of the management headaches. 

Our strong relationships with real estate investment companies, brokers, owners and developers help us to provide our clients with the property that will provide the right fit for their real estate investments with higher than market rate returns. We also act as consultants sourcing specific assets like retail, big box centers,multi-family as well as 1031 exchanges in any asset category.

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